Hargrove Business Consultants

Creating Big Business Make-overs on Small Business Budgets!


HBCM strives to provide business owners with solutions to refine their company's image and aggressively increase sales revenue by:

   *  analyzing their target markets;

   *  improving business procedures;

   *  revamping sales strategies, web sites and logos; and

   *  producing professional grade commercials and print ads.


   *  Business Imaging: Bring your business idea to life by creating a professional business image with our available HBCM 

      services tailored to meet your specific needs.

   *  Business Plan & Cost Analysis: Get a realistic snap shot of the current status of your business idea as well as a cost 

      analysis and road map depicting how you want your business to develop and grow.

   *  Target Market & Geographical Research: HBCM can help you determine who your potential clients are and where they are 


   *  Logo & Tag Line: HBCM will create an eye-catching picture and sentence that represents your business and commands 

      the attention of your prospective clients.

   *  Website: HBCM will create an online presence that paints a picture to showcase your business to the world. Your website 

      will be the home for your business so that you can post and share your information and ensure that your current and 

      prospective clients can always find you.

   *  Document creation: HBCM will create necessary documents such as guest sign-in sheets, invoices, forms and more that 

      will further sharpen your professional image.

   *  Business Revamp: HBCM will streamline your procedures to improve efficiency and decrease expenses.


   *  Event Planning

   *  Sales / Marketing

   *  Networking

   *  Cover Letters & Resumes

All services may not be listed.  Please call us with any related service requests that do not appear above as many services are customized after the initial FREE Consultation.